Leigh Brewer

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

What a team to be a part of in 2016!!! So much happens in a year all the changes to improve our work place and make it exhilarating to come to work each day. I am honored to be involved in helping Premier Group with the vision, also the working together daily to achieve our Mission “Deliver Happiness! Create Raving Fans! Beautify our World” this mission helps me to get out of bed each day
and puts purpose in your life. Coming to work and working through the challenges each day 16 in a happy environment is great fun.


Everyone has a positive attitude and it makes it so much better to work with a positive team. I haven’t had to have a grumpy day off yet so that’s encouraging haha. Being able to give to the charities through the year is great, as The Premier Family we were able to give $80,000 which not one of us could do alone. I thank the team for making 2016 a great year and making it enjoyable to come to work each day.