Alissa Lockley

Always keep a positive and happy attitude! If you are happy, the customer and your work mates will be happy. Go the extra mile for customers to create raving fans! By supplying beautiful products we are beautifying our world!

Aroha Tawa

Premier mission to me it means having goals and striving to get them. It means working my hardest to being able to achieve our mission and culture. I love that I get to work alongside other people who have the same focus and vision to go fourth and create raving fans, beautify our world and deliver happiness. It’s great to be able to come to work and be in a positive environment!

Bernard Powell

We are all from different backgrounds, cultures, countries etc and yet we all get along so well and are all united by the Premier mission, vision and core values. It is an awesome organisation to be a part of and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! In fact work is the wrong word for it! its not work, its just great fun!! 

David Zhang

Every day we deliver happiness to our suppliers, customers, friends, family and the Premier Tribe. When we put a smile on someone’s face we can change someone’s day. Every day more people experience the ‘WOW’ of Premier Group and is inspired to tell someone about their experience that’s we called “Create Raving Fans".

Fay Ren

Do what you love & love what you do, this is not only a saying but a very important part of my life. 2016 is being a fulfilling year both business wise & socially. On the business side, I’ve been part of the creation of Zalaxy & helped to drive it through the first year but there is still a long way to go. Socially I’ve added golf & surfing to my activities. I look forward the new year & hope both Zalaxy & Premier Group can move forward in harmony...

Isaac Clare

Our culture of “Deliver Happiness, Create Raving Fans and Beautify our world” is Fantastic, it gives me the opportunity to give something back to our customers, my fellow staff and our suppliers. It is simple and very achievable, a smile, a follow up thank you once a job has been completed, lending a helping hand, returning every customers/suppliers call, going the extra mile for anyone.

Jackson Powell

Premier is a place where I can come to contribute and be part of a team and family that is striving for excellence and the greater good of everyone we touch. “Delivering Happiness” quickly becomes not only a workplace ethic – but part of each person’s reason for being. It means we are continually developing as individuals and as a team to delight everyone around us.

Jan Gordon

The Premier Family is a company and environment with a difference. The team’s culture is centred on its mission and its 10 different core values. Premier EMBRACES CHANGE which is also a core value and the company is continuing to grow through encouraging this.It Delivers Happiness to not only its customers but gives to a number of charities which makes it all worthwhile.

Jepherry Wu

We are great team, young and passionate. We work hard & work close each other, deliver happiness to not only our customers, but our team members. We smile to each other, and talk to our customer face to face or in the phone with a big smile and try our best to help them, by this, we are creating raving fans and the best and healthy working environment.

Jordinn Wilkinson

Culture to me means… Everyone coming together as a team Building and working together through positivity and hard work. Pushing each other to better ourselves and each other through a positive work environment. If someone is having trouble, help team, take “slamming” and “insulting” out of the equation. Spend time with the workmates and get to know everyone and cater to the differences between each individual patience and understanding towards these who struggle and commendations to those who strive.

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