Trish Emeny

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

“Deliver Happiness, Create Raving Fans & Beautify Our World” 
I totally love this saying.  What a fantastic few words to describe what Premier Group stands for. 
I feel humble and proud to be part of a growing global company.  Very exciting things ahead.  As Premier grows I feel that I am growing and learning each day.

Personal Profile

Hi my name is Trish.

I was born in Wellington many years ago – getting on in years now – haha.
Both my parents came from The Netherlands in the 1950’s.  When I was young I was very much brought up a little Dutch girl.  I have always been proud of my Dutch heritage.

My family lived in Johnsonville until I was 12 years and then moved to Te Puke where we had a Kiwifruit Orchard. That was way back in the Kiwifruit boom years.  All my high school years were at Te Puke High School.

My family and I moved to The Netherlands for 1 year when I was 17 years.  At that time I got my first job in a Real Estate firm.
I have been married to Gavin for 22 years and we live on a lifestyle block in Pyes Pa.
I had a son – Matt Lagerberg (not Gavin’s son) – who I am very proud of.  He is co-owner of Classic Builders NZ wide with Pete Cooney.  He’s done a great job in getting the company to where it is today.
Matt is married to Michelle and they have two beautiful children – Sienna – 9 and Austin 7.  They are great kids and are very bright and outgoing.

I can be an outgoing person, and I can also be reserved, depending on who I am with.  Mostly I do like to keep to myself and also work on my own.
I love the outdoors – gardening, going for walks, riding horses.  I also breed horses for a hobby and really enjoy looking after my furry 4 legged friends.
I love spending time with my family – especially my grandchildren.  Also my elderly parents.
I have been working for Premier Group for nearly 3 years now and love it.  Great company to work for.  Hope to keep working here for some time yet :) 

Me and Richard on the jet ski