Culture Tour with ALTUS & AFFCO NZ

Testimonial from Karen- the management accountant of Altus NZ

Hi Bernard,

Thanks so much for the time you spent with us this morning on the Premier Group Culture tour. It was so inspiring to see what you’ve done to create an awesome company culture, and the priority you put on culture.

I came away with lots of ideas on things we can start to implement and focus on for our culture project. I particularly loved your focus on happiness and the way that it not only drives your culture but the flow on effect that it has on peoples’ families, communities and everyone you come in contact with.

We’ve certainly got a tough road ahead with our culture project but it’s great to see how worthwhile it will be to make any changes that we can.

I’ll let you know how we get on, particularly with some of your ideas that we’ll be trying to implement.

Kind regards



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