Culture Tour With Voltex & Melbourne University

“Thanks Premier for the excellent culture tour! Great to see a large company getting ahead together through teamwork and happiness. From the customer service team through to the factory, the engagement levels are fantastic and the devotedness to the company’s mission and values is inspiring! Things like the pink forklift and the improvised haka and the nerf guns all pointed towards a positive team and great initiative being undertaken by the happy staff. The staff were all friendly and inspiring, looking after us like family from the time we walked in to the time we left. Thanks a lot Premier!! ” - Tony Gibbs | Operations Team Leader | VOLTEX “Firstly, A very big thanks to you & your team for the VERY Inspiring tour around Premier! From Hot Coffees to delicious food, and giving up your time, we really appreciate your generosity! We found it very helpful seeing you on the “culture changing” journey. Its intriguing how some people think that by putting table tennis or a dartboard board into their workspace, that it’s going to change the whole culture & their turnover will instantly double overnight!! From our own experience, the journey never ends…if you finished with change, you’re finished! I loved the “Culture Advancer” standard that’s being set. The facts are, which we saw while going around, that if the whole team “Pursue Growth and Learning” this one value underlies improvements in the rest of the values (which there must be some evidence of them to start with obviously☺). This is a definite, proven way for team players to advance from a “Trying to Fit” or a “Culture Fit” to become an “Advancer” Trust is another massive factor…” it’s the one thing that changes everything”…Nothing is as fast as the “Speed of Trust”. It was great to see an environment where everyone is guided to become a master of their own destiny and is encouraged to look at what they’re doing as not “just a job” but rather running their own business. “Obsessing over customers” is another awesome feature of a great culture…the customer pays for everything we own…so treat them like a prize horse!! Thanks again Ber, that was fantastic & we have looked over the photos we took while going around a few times since & showed a few in our Staff Training session the other day. Keep up the great work!! ” - Duncan Gibbs | Managing Director | VOLTEX


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