Rauna Walker

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

Hey guys and girls, Rauna here again! Quick update: Milly is 4 this year, can’t believe how fast time goes. TK is on solids and is growing super fast. They both have loud mouths like their mother! HAHA!

So many changes here at PGI! It’s so exciting!! The new machine is so flash, can’t wait to see
it in action. Not only that but a few new team members have started recently. I hope they enjoy
it here. Few role changes as well, good to see growth within the team! This will certain help us smash our BHAGs! Let’s do it!


2016 will be big for us! It’s great that our team are encouraging one and another to grow within Premier Group! Its great to see everyone is still passionate about our core values, mission and
vision! Certainly a great bunch of people to be around. Keep inspiring people to beautify our world!

Personal Profile

Kia Ora!!! I am Rauna and a passionate team member of Premier Group :) 

I have been a part of the team for almost 2 years now and very fortunate to see and work in most parts of the company, the people are awesome and the working environment is friendly, supportive and encouraging.
I am a massive rugby and rugby league fan; International, Super Rugby, NRL or our local grassroots heroes! And the NBA!!! Actually, I enjoy all sports!!!!

Whangarei will always be home and good volume of my family still live in the mighty northland!
When I am not working most of my time is spent with Family, two daughters who are 3 and 7weeks old and my partner Bubah! We as a family enjoy trips around the North Island and Gisborne our favourite destination Bubahs hometown!! Great food never goes untouched so we do our best to burn it off on the sporting fields. I have a passion for playing rugby and/or rugby league and look forward to playing a season in the Waikato. We as a family play indoor netball on a Sunday night as a social outing and can get very competitive too.

My partner has a very musical/performing arts background so we do our best to encourage it when we can through things like Kapa Haka and get-togethers at home.

We have now been in Hamilton for 2 years and enjoying it, for us it is the halfway point between our families up north and the east. My family is world!! :)