Margaret Reti

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

I started work here 3 years ago in March and what a difference now to when I started. The culture has improved 100%, I think I can say for all that this is a company you enjoy working with rather than working for. We can be sitting or standing at our desk and all of a sudden someone jumps on the piano and plays us a tune or the young ones will get them nerf guns and have a bit of a play and the laughter is everywhere.Yes, we do work as well. The business has grown so much we are kept busy and are encouraged in our personal training and future development ideas for the company.

This year we won the IBM Kenexa Best Workplace Category Winner and we achieved the Overall Winner for 2016 which is an amazing achievement for any company. We strive to deliver the best customer service we can as the customers are the most important part of our business. We believe if we as a company are happy we can share this with others.

Personal Profile

I enjoy working for Premier, our mission is to “deliver happiness, create raving fans and beautify our world” and as a team we are achieving this and more.
I am lucky to have two of my grandchildren living with us so when not at work I am involved with taking them to the sports and activities they are involved in. My husband Paul has a fish and chip shop which we all help with as well.