Kevin Peng

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

What is the definition of a good company? To me it should be the place I am happy to go in the morning, where I enjoy working together with team mates and doing the jobs that you are like to do with fun, the work place makes you full of passion and energy rather than stress and tough.

Premier Group is such a place to me! It is not so easy to describe the culture in few words, but Premier’s culture is so different from other companies I have ever worked for.The mission of Premier culture is Deliver Happiness! Create Raving Fans! Beautify our World!

It is great that we are all acknowledge that we are not delivering products but delivering happiness to our customers, partners, staff and the world! We have our mission and we trust it will be reached! We are here not for completing specific tasks or producing / selling bricks, not only for income but working together as a team towards our mission, our dream! It is great experience working here with the young team with enthusiastic and energetic, which makes me feel younger also.Yes, it is the best
work place, it is!!

Personal Profile

Hi, I am Kevin Peng, I joined  PGI a few months ago as IT System Support.

I moved to NZ in 2014 with my wife Kathy and my son Kenny, yes, our English names are all start with ‘K’. Our new family member Claire came to the world in 2015 that brought extremely happiness and fun to our life in NZ.

I have been working in IT fields since I graduated from university. I like travel, playing soccer, photography and sometimes writing. I have a personal blog in Chinese that have photos and articles posted

I love the culture and people in Premier Group which is awesome place to work in.