What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

We are great team, young and passionate. We work hard & work close each other, deliver happiness to not only our customers, but our team members. We smile to each other, and talk to our customer face to face or in the phone with a big smile and try our best to help them, by this, we are creating raving fans and the best and healthy working environment.

We are building our positive team and family spirit. My wife and I have been well looked after by our team and onemedfund-My wife has had her surgery at July which would has cost us $19132.00 and we only need to pay access fee for $485. How amazing is that! We are so glad to be part of Premier family in our life.

We are showing our enthusiasm to help each other to achieve our goal, we help our customer by beautify the house and garden, and beautify our world.

We show gratitude to our customer and our team members.

We appreciate the great work from our team member, our suppliers & team members of freight companies.

We are always looking forward thoughtfully, and try to work out the better ways to make our work better than before every day.

Personal Profile

​I started to work at Premier Group (Earthscape Landscapes Ltd) since Feb, 2007 as a landscape designer & landscaper till March, 2010. I love landscape design and love to create beautiful gardens and help people to have the wonderful time in their garden.
After 3 months break at Jun, 2016, I've moved onto dispatch team at our Premier Group till now.
I like music, photography & reading books. I love my wife, so some of her hobbies become mine as well, like: cooking and enjoy her cooking-even most of the time the meal has slightly change taste as they have completed few hours ago, cause she needed to take photos when the light is perfect for photography, love travelling but won't go without her. I am proud of her, as she has published her second cookbook in china a few months.
I am enjoy my life with my wife, love my job at Premier Group, as it is the best workplace I've never been before, wonderful team members, work together like a family, encourage each other! I want to be here in my whole life. I love our product and so proud to recommend everyone to use them!