Jenna Zhen

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

I was deeply impressed and attracted by the atmosphere of Premier Group when I first time came here. You can hardly find another place where its employees 100% involve their passions, energies, abilities and commitments in the company. As a beginner, I feel that I am just like Bilbo Baggins stepped into a wonderful journey with lots of amazing companions who shared the same vision and passion, I am so appreciated and honoured to be part of this team. It is not hard for a company to come up with some impressive slogans or active words, but the most valuable things happening in our Premier Group is that all of us are working on our mission and fulfil our understanding of the Premier Group culture. I enjoy working here, and it is not just a working place, but a place where I am getting trained, upgraded all the time and a place helping me to be a successful professional.