Jackson Powell

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

Premier is a place where I can come to contribute and be part of a team and family that is striving for excellence and the greater good of everyone we touch. “Delivering Happiness” quickly becomes not only a workplace ethic – but part of each person’s reason for being. It means we are continually developing as individuals and as a team to delight everyone around us.

Personal Profile

​I have many interests/pastimes typical of kiwi blokes, including (but not limited to J) my church, hunting and fishing, rugby, martial arts and boxing, music and pretty much anything that involves having a few laughs and a drink with friends and family.

I am also very passionate about my career at Premier Group and advancing the company forward on its growth pathway. To say that Premier and the team are among the first and foremost priorities in my life would be an understatement. I’m sure all Premieronians will agree with me when I say that Premier is family. And to me nothing is more important than family. You almost have to be a Premier family member to understand but we are not in this for the profit or the great salaries. We are not even in this for the teamwork, the comradery or the many perks that go along with working at Premier. Those things are all fantastic and treasured by all of us.

​But the real reason we are a part of this is because we are connected with a higher purpose. When I am at Premier I know it’s exactly where I belong, I’m the right man for the job, and most importantly, I’m delivering happiness.