Herman Kritzinger

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

The Premier Culture to me is not something that can easily be put into words. It is something that changed my life and gave me a place that I Belong (The people here made me feel like I belong). Our Vision is Bigger than what we are, it is not just about impacting those people around us, it is much more than that… It is about Impacting and Changing OUR WORLD for the better, while having Fun and working Hard. Our culture is unique, it is not just a workplace culture but a culture I believe can be implemented and introduced to all aspects of your professional and personal life, I believe that if this is done you will be successful professionally and personally.

The Culture is a family who strive to challenge, encourage and embrace one another when we reach
our goals.


The culture is everything here… and I love it!!! The People here are everything… we are not defined
by what we do, but by what we want to achieve and how we want achieve it. This includes how we
want people to feel when they deal with us, we don’t just want to be remembered, we want to have an
emotional impact on our customers, suppliers, staff, families, country and eventually the world.

The People here are from many different cultures and countries, yet we still get along and laugh a lot,
we are busy making our very own Premier Culture.