Fay Ren

Personal Profile

Hi everyone! 


I was born in Inner Mongolia & grew up in Shen Zhen - southern China with beautiful sea views. (I am very grateful because I love the ocean!) When I was 17-year-old, I moved to Hamilton, New Zealand.


I am now working full time in the e-commerce & digital marketing field.


I love SUMMER!!! I love all the water sports especially swimming & surfing!

In summer I always go to the beach most weekends and enjoy sunbathing.

I love being fit and working out at my local gym.

I loved skating when I was a kid, I was on my skates almost everywhere I went!!

I played basketball at high school & was vice-captain.


I love music, I started to play the piano when I was 5-years-old. I love Hip-Pop, Jazz, Classical, Rock, R&B music :)

To be continued...