David Zhang 

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

Every day we deliver happiness to our suppliers, customers, friends, family and the Premier Tribe. When we put a smile on someone’s face we can change someone’s day. Every day more people experience the ‘WOW’ of Premier Group and is inspired to tell someone about their experience
that’s we called “Create Raving Fans".

Personal Profile

Hello! I am David Zhang, Purchasing Officer of Admin & Customer Service Team. I am originally from North-East China and have been in NZ for 14 years, so I’m totally a Kiwi now! :) After finished my Master Degree of Management  in Finance in Waikato Uni., My Wife and I decided to stay in NZ, the most beautifully country in the world.
I like gardening, cooking and reading history book. When I started studying landscape design in Wintec few years ago, I met Bernard Powell and worked for his Earthscape Ltd. as a part-time landscaper. Few more years later, fortunately I had a chance to work for him again and Premier Group (reformed from ex Earthcape) till now on.
Personally Premier culture is all inspirations of work here for me. Many people look work only as a way of making living that I used to be as well. But in Premier, every day is a new day that with colourful, passionate, challenging content. This is a young, bright, and fast-growing company that I love to work here. Premier culture built upon the base of some core values that encourage everyone to be ACTIVE that we need it both in personally and in professionally. I do love it!

David & Aletta