Courtney Lawry

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

Premier culture heading into 2017 is an awesome privilege and responsibility to be included in!!

We are binding together tighter and tighter as a tribe with a laser focus on delivering happiness, to our customers to our suppliers and to each other thru our unique family orientated culture which is based on our amazing 10 core values.

Here at Premier we are all encouraged to act like an owner think like owners and treat each other as key stake holders!!!! This has an incredible flow on effect in product quality delivery times and most importantly delighted customers!!

When you have nearly 60 likeminded people thinking, living, breathing believing in our mission of “Deliver happiness create raving fans beautify our world” looking at every challenge or issue like an inspired or concerned business owner the results are phenomenal!!!!!!!

Team lets truly pin our ears back and go for it in 2017 the economy is booming at the moment we have a truly amazing product offering to beautify NZ and AU and eventually the world!!! haha watch out Oz we are coming!!!

We have some very aggressive goals and financial targets this year its gonna require an amazing commitment and customer service focus to make it happen let’s raise to the challenge oh mighty Premier tribe!!!!