Brett Etchells

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

Everyday I get the chance to fulfil a ‘change the world’ mission. I have an opportunity to Deliver Happiness, Create Raving Fans and Beautify Our World. This is our reason for getting out of bed every morning. The Premier mission is our higher purpose – the calling for our culture advancers. It is the ‘WHY’ of Premier Group’s existence.

Personal Profile

Hello Premier Fans,

I’m a musical, artistic, fitness, sports, motorsport, cross-stitching & finger knitting freak with a lifelong passion for being the Al Capone of the business world :) 

I’m enjoying life – socialising, working, travelling, forever learning and supporting charity…

Its great to be part of a fantastic team, delivering happiness every day to customers, suppliers, friends, family, colleagues, New Zealand, the WORLD…