Bernard Powell

What does Premier Mission mean to  you?

We are all from different backgrounds, cultures, countries etc and yet we all get along so well and are all united by the Premier mission, vision and core values. It is an awesome organisation to be a part of and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! In fact work is the wrong word for it! its not work, its just great fun!! 

The great thing about the mission is that it is so enduring and so wide reaching!~ amongst other things it means we can contribute to the communities we work in, we contribute for the good of the country and in time hopefully for the good of the world. 

I look forward to helping PREMIER GROUP grow and flourish and to become a truly GREAT and VISIONARY company capable of spreading happiness and goodness to the world !!!! 

Personal Profile

Hello there!
My name is Bernard Powell.
Thanks SO much for visiting our Premier Group culture website! It is an honour to have you! Have fun checking out our very happy and unique company culture :)
A little bit about me (seeing as you asked)  :)

I am the oldest of 8 children. I am very grateful for my awesome parents and 7 amazing siblings.
Family & church are very important to me & form the basis of my schedule. Obviously, work at Premier Group demands a huge chunk of time every week which is another reason why I believe every company should put culture first!

I enjoy supporting the Chiefs, the All Blacks and David Tua. (bring him back) :)
I like to keep fit. I love the beach. It is a great place to clear emails and make phone calls :)
I love gardening and landscape design (check out my happy garden in the pics below  ) it is a great way to unwind and I come up with my craziest ideas whilst wielding my mighty 36V hedge trimmer :)
I play the piano a lot. I sing a lot. Another fantastic way to unwind. 

I am very passionate about helping to build a visionary company, Premier Group International, alongside all our fantastic team mates. We are out to change the world for the better! Hence our great mission: Deliver happiness, Create raving fans, and beautify our world! This company is amazing! It is growing like crazy, has a very unique, fun culture and it exists to benefit mankind!!! We give a lot to worthy charities, we work hard and we play hard…..
To be continued…..